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Don't Text While Driving
You are being asked to view this video in accordance with the warning you received for Driving while Distracted. Please take a moment to view the video and answer the questions below. Failure to watch the video and answer the question will lead to additional fines.

After watching this AT&T 10-minute documentary titled "The Last Text," featuring stories of real individuals whose lives have been adversely affected by texting behind the wheel you will be required to answer four questions correctly. It is recommended that you first watch the entire documentary and if necessary watch it over again to assist in answering the questions.
Distracted Driving Questions
1) What last message did Mandi send to her sister Ashley?
I love you
See u later
2) What was the last message Mariah read?
Where u at
Meet u there
3) According to Patrick Sims what "stupid and meaningless text" did he send before killing a man?
Where u at
4) Studies show that you are how many more times likely to be involved in an accident when texting and driving?
Twice as likely
Ten times as likely
Twenty three times as likely
Traffic Warning Information
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